The Perception Of Cocoa Farmers On Role Of Agricultural Extension Workers In Desa Tanjung Gunung Kecamatan Laubaleng Kabupaten Karo



An extension help farmers in their efforts to increase production and quality of their products in order to improve their welfare. Therefore, the extension has many roles, among others as a mentor farmer extension, organizer, coach technicians and a bridge between family farmers and research institutions in agriculture because of the existence of agricultural extension field is important for farmers. Extension activities in the desa Tanjung Gunung one of which was given to cocoa farmers. The purpose of this study was to determine how the cocoa farmer perception of the role of agricultural extension workers in desa Tanjung Gunung kecamatan Laubaleng kabupaten Karo. The number of respondents in this study as many as 27 people  cocoa farmers in the cocoa farmer groups Tanjung Gunung and follows the field school activities. Data analysis method used is descriptive statistical analysis. The results showed that the cocoa farmers' perception of the role of the agricultural extension workers as a mentor was very good with the average response of respondents 4.46, the perception of cocoa farmers on  role of agricultural extension workers as an organizers was good with an average response of respondents 3.83, the perception of cocoa farmers the role of agricultural extension workers as technical trainers is very good with the respondent's average response of 4.55 and the perception of cocoa farmers on role of agricultural extension workers  as facilitators is good with the average response of respondents 3.7.


Perception of Farmers, Role Of Agricultural Extension Workers, Cocoa

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