Physical Properties Of Lard In Tuna Processed Products In Order To Increase Halal Food Safety



Food safety in Indonesia was held to keep food safe, hygienic, quality, nutritious and halal. In increasing taste and economic reasons, processed food products are often found mixed with lard. This study aims to analyze the physical properties of lard in tuna processed products. Maceration method used n-heksan as a solven. Complete Randomized Design (CRD) factorial was carried out used 2 (two) replications. Factor 1 was chosen variation of solven concentration (K) consisting of 4 levels, namely K1 = 20%, K2 = 30%, K3 = 40%, K4 = 50%. Factor 2 was chosen maceration time (W) consisting of 4 levels, W1 = 6 hours, W2 = 12 hours W3 = 18 hours, W4 = 24 hours. The parameters was observed density, iodine numbers, acid numbers and total Microbes. The results showed that the solvent concentration had a highly significant effect (p <0.01) on the analysis of acid and total microbial numbers. The concentration of n-hexane showed a very significant different effect (p <0.01) on the analysis of density and total microbial but gave a significant effect (p <0.05) on the analysis of acid numbers and the unreal effect on iodine numbers.


tuna, lard, food, n-hexane, maceration

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