Increasing The Potential Of Baji-Baji Fish (Grammoplites Scaber)As A Sources Of Food Products For Chemical Composition And Amino Acid Content



Diana A, Lubis AF., 2018. Baji-baji fish (Grammoplites scaber) is a type of fish caught by fishermen sold locally. This fish is widely sold in the traditional market of Tanjungbalai city. The price of baji-baji fish is relatively cheap and the local community’s interest in this fish is still low, for this reason it is necessary to increase the potential of this fish through an assessment of the chemical composition and amino acids to be able for a value-added food product. The purpose of this research were to determine the chemical composition and amino acids in baji-baji fish and compare with other high-protein fish.The results of this study were studies conducted namely Baji-baji fish had 15.45% protein, 5.66% fat, 64.34% moisture content, 4.79% ash content, and 9.77% carbohydrate. Baji-baji fish also has a very good amino acid content. the value of essential and non-essential amino acids in baji-baji fish contains many types of lysine (0.6), methionine (0.27), aspartate acid (0.91), arginine (0.48), serine (0.30) ), and cysteine (0.16) compared to cork and milkfish. Based on the amino acid content, Baji-baji-fish are a source of highly nutritious raw materials that the body needs to inhibit viral growth and treatment of Herpes, help in breaking down fat, increase stamina, normal immune system activity needed for wound healing, improve the system immune by helping in the production of antibodies and immunoglobulins, as well as protecting against radiation


Baji-baji Fish (Grammoplites scaber), Chemical Composition, and Amino Acid Content

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